16 - 18 oct 2017

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Conférence internationale sur les pertes de récolte (pré-annonce)

Une conférence internationale sur les pertes de récoltes dues aux maladies et ravageurs des cultures se tiendra à Paris du 16 au 19 Octobre 2017, à l'initiative de l'Inra, en partenariat avec le Cirad et les réseaux internationaux AgMiP et MacSur.

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Rationale and aim of the Conference

Plant diseases and pests negatively affect crop health, with large effects on crop performances, ecosystems and society. Crop health plays also an important role in the complex links between agriculture, food security, and global change.
While the negative impacts of disease and pests on the performance of agricultural systems is well recognized, quantification of these impacts is often fragmented or incomplete.
Approaches are needed to characterize the potential risks associated with agricultural change in response to global changes, to new policies, or new technology.
Conversely, approaches are also needed to document the potential gains that could be achieved through better, improved, or more efficient crop health management.
Quantitative measurement and modelling of the effects of pests and diseases on crops should therefore greatly enhance our ability to assess the future, in terms of risks and potential gains. Understanding the causes of crop losses and their quantification is a necessary step towards the comparison of production systems, and of crop health management strategies, in view of their improvement.
Assessment and modelling of crop losses to diseases and pests could also greatly assist in long-term strategic decisions, such as prioritizing research, and in defining policies at the national or international scales.

This International conference will address the following questions

•    What are the effects of pests and diseases on crop performances?
•    How can we understand, quantify, assess, and model these effects?
•    How and what can modelling contribute in the assessment of the impacts of pests and diseases, especially on food security?
•    What could be the effects of climate and global changes on crop losses caused by plant diseases and pests?
     With the practical implication:
•    Can we establish a global, open-source, data base on crop losses, which will enable answering these questions?

Keynotes speakers

J. Antle (Oregon State University),
C.A. Gilligan (University of Cambridge),
M. van Ittersum (Wageningen University),
K.C. Kersebaum (Zalf),
A. Nelson (University of Twente),
S. Savary (INRA, France)

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Organisateur(s) :
SMaCH, Inra Paris
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