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The ERA-Net IPM transnational call is open

The first joint call for transnational research projects of ERA-Net C-IPM is open.

Désherbage mécanique d'une parcelle de céréale par herse étrille.. © INRA, FARCY Pascal
Updated on 04/28/2015
Published on 04/10/2015

The ERA-Net C-IPM consists of 32 partners from 21 countries.   This first call has a budget of approximately six millions euros and include three topics:

  • Topic (A3) “Innovative and new pest monitoring tools and Decision Support Systems” (DSS).
  • Topic (B2) “Pests resistance management (the term pests includes: viruses, bacteria, phytoplasms, insects, artropods, fungi)”.
  • Topics: (C2) “Flies in vegetables”, (C5) “Mites (spider, rusts and bud) in Berries and Small fruits” and (C8) “Soil borne pests and diseases (often polyphagous)”.


The call is officially published on the 27th April 2015. Deadline for pre-proposals will be 8th June 2015.

> To see more about the call: 


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- Inra : Antoine Messéan, C-IPM coordinator: antoine.messean@grignon.inra.fr

- SMach: Sylvie Colleu, sylvie.colleu@paris.inra.fr

- Topic A3: Jean-Claude Streito, jean-claude.streito@supagro.inra.fr