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Indo-French workshop on scientific cooperation for agricultural research, 9-11 march 2015

From 9 to 11 march 2015, an Indo-French workshop is jointly organized by the Indian Coucil of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the French Institute of Agronomical research (INRA) in new Delhi, India.

Indo-french workshop New Delhi India mars 2015. © INRA, Inra
By Sylvie Colleu
Updated on 03/12/2015
Published on 03/09/2015

This workshop aims at bringing out the current scientific developments in several fields of agricultural research in India and France. ICAR and INRA agreed in the choice of the seven topics which form the framework of this workshop: transition towards food security, food processing and packaging, determinants and impacts of human diets, adaptation of agriculture and forestry to climate change, ecosystem services, sustainable management of crop health, genomic selection.

Monday 9 march, a scientific session concerning SMaCH metaprogramm is jointly animated by Dr Xavier Reboud (Deputy head of Plant health and Environmental Department, Inra) and Dr C. Chattopadhyay (Director of National Center for integrated Pest management, ICAR). According Xavier Reboud: “I hope French-Indian collaboration in the field of crop health will facilitate the transition of agricultural systems towards a response to the new challenges facing agricultural research.”