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A new lesson about « Simulation Modeling in Botanical Epidemiology and Crop Loss Analysis” is online on APSnet Education Center

This module is designed to empower biologists with a powerful analytical tool. Authors, Serge Savary et Laetitia Willocquet, have endeavored to develop it with as little calculus and mathematics, and in fact with the hope that readers would discover, enjoy, and explore the field by themselves.

Modélisation en épidémiologie végétale. © INRA, Serge SAVARY
Updated on 07/07/2014
Published on 07/07/2014

Over the years, modeling has become an integral part of plant disease epidemiology (or botanical epidemiology). This module was developed to highlight, illustrate, and implement the linkages between models and data. The objective is therefore to bridge the gap between 'observers' and 'modelers'.
Even if it is primarily intended to graduate students, this material is intended to undergraduate students too. Undergraduate students will gain some exposure to plant pathology, plant protection, systems analysis, and from a technical viewpoint, to simulation modeling applied to ecological systems. Introductory and transition sections are especially meant to be accessible to a very wide audience. Graduate students will be able to explore this material more in depth. This module can be used in class as well as for practical work. It provides the basic concepts, methods, and approaches in the field of systems analysis applied to botanical epidemiology. Simulation models are used to that aim, and applied to the dynamics of epidemics and yield losses.

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