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Diagnostic des maladies des pommes et du pommier grace à Dia@no-Pomm, l'application pomme de Dia@noplant, utilisable sur smartphone. Réalisé sous l'égide du GIS Fruits en 2016.. © INRA, Gourvennec

1. Solicit, encourage, optimize and manage innovations

Updated on 02/20/2017
Published on 07/13/2016

 SMaCH key challenge

Solicit, encourage, optimize and manage innovations in crop health management

To face this key challenge, SMaCH launch research projects and actions with several objectives :

  • Identify new and feasible tools and practices for sustainable, integrated management of the health of crops challenged by a suite of pests and pathogens.
  • Synergize tools and practices by modeling and consolidating them
  • Identify and rank constraints in deploying innovations in crop health management.
  • Measure the risk that pests and pathogens evade disease management practices and in particular pesticides.
  • Capitalize on the tools of multi-media and precision agriculture for crop health management.
  • Use multi-criteria evaluations to assess innovations