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Niche modelling for the risk assesment of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Halyomorpha halys (BMSB). This map shows that the BMSB, native from Asia, could establish thoughout Europe.. © INRA, Inra

5-Place plant health management in an international dimension

Updated on 10/19/2016
Published on 07/13/2016

SMaCH key challenge

Place plant health management in an international dimension

To face this key challenge, SMaCH launch research projects and actions with several objectives:

  • Contribute scientific expertise to political authorities in the management of disease epidemics of international importance
  • Compare the national policies concerning prevention of crop disease
  • Solicit international cooperation concerning policies for management of crop disease, of genetic resources and organization of infrastructures for disease surveillance
  • Promote at the international scale the vision developed in the SMaCH metaprogramme of crop health management