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En zones d'agriculture paysanne, les activités agricoles reposent sur des petites parcelles assez morcelées, ce qui forment des mosaïques paysagères à maille fine comme dans ce cas où viticulture, arboriculture et forêt sont étroitement imbriquées (Luberon, Vaucluse). © INRA, MEURET Michel

3-Manage the biodiversity of agrosystems at the regional level

Updated on 02/20/2017
Published on 07/13/2016

SMaCH key challenge

Manage the biodiversity of agrosystems at the regional level

To face this key challenge, SMaCH launch research projects and actions with several objectives :

  • Model disease epidemics at large scales to determine the ideal landscape mosaics to limit epidemics.
  • Organize agricultural landscapes that optimize the effect of biodiversity on pest and pathogen populations and on crop health.
  • Favor heterogeneity of plant stands, in terms of multiple varieties or multiple species, at different scales to protect crops against epidemics.
  • Model how the proximal environment (cultivated or otherwise) influences the risk that a crop is contaminated with different pests or pathogens.
  • Define the framework for rules concerning the sustainable management of disease resistant varieties including their territorial deployment.