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Recherche d'haploïdisation de l'artichaut par parthénogénèse provoquée. Vérification de la germination in situ du pollen après irradiation par des rayons gamma. Ici témoin non irradié.. © INRA, RODE J.C.

Management of the SMaCH metaprogramme

Updated on 10/12/2017
Published on 01/19/2013


The metaprogramme SMaCH is coordinated by Christian Lannou under the responsibility of the INRA Agriculture scientific director Christian Huyghe.

They are supported by:

  • A steering committee under the responsibility of the metaprogramme coordinator. This group is composed of INRA scientific leaders and support staff. This group coordinates scientific networking and consultation with INRA researchers. It defines and submits the programme guidelines to the Scientific Advisoty Board. It also organizes the calls for expressions of interest.
    • Christian Lannou (épidémiologie, INRA), chairman
    • Jean-Noël Aubertot (agronomie, INRA Toulouse)
    • Marc Barbier (sociologie, INRA Evry)
    • Aude Barbottin (agronomy, INRA Grignon)
    • Agnès Calonnec (épidémiologie, INRA Bordeaux)
    • Alain Carpentier (économie, INRA Rennes)
    • François Coléno (sciences de la gestion, INRA Grignon)
    • Sylvie Colleu (ingénieur coordinatrice, INRA Paris)
    • Antoine Messéan (agronomie, INRA Grignon)
    • Cindy Morris (pathologie, INRA Avignon)
    • Christian Mougin (écotoxicologie, INRA Versailles)
    • Xavier Reboud (agro-écologie, INRA Dijon)
    • Serge Savary (épidémiologie, INRA Toulouse)
    • Jean-Claude Streito (entomologiste, INRA Montpellier)
    • Suzanne Touzeau (modelisation, INRA Sophia)


  • A Scientific Advisory Board consisting of internationally renowned scientific researchers, and a member representing the INRA scientific advisory board. It is chaired by the INRA Agriculture scientific director. The purpose of the board is to provide advice on the roadmap of the programme and suggest redirection if needed. It also has a role in the evaluation of projects, provides a list of proposals, and plays a key role in the identification of strategic partnerships.
    Scientific Advisory Board 2014: